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  • where do we add it?

    • Add the first snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme, then add the second snippet in the location you want to display the comment count. The place you may want to add it would be beside the users name “comment_author()” you should see that line within your comments.php.

  • I dont see comment_author

  • I am trying to get it in the skeleton theme of wptouch

    • I have never used that theme but if you add the commentCount() within the comment loop comments should be displayed within a unordered list. It will work, I would have to see the theme file to be sure. Use http://pastebin.com/ to post your code if you wish,

  • I dont see comment author on either comments.php

  • is this only for disqus system?

    • No this is not just for disqus, should work with any wordpress themes.

  • How would you use Transients API with this to cache it? #wordpress

    • Sent you a link to a great post about this via twitter.

  • mlmleadsgenerationblog

    Hi Kevin, thank you for this tutorial :)

    I was wondering…do you know how to add the comment for each user as a sortable column in the Admin panel (the user list)?

    Thank you in advance for your help,