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  • John B

    awesome you made my day, really

    • Cool glad to hear it John, I post snippets everyday so lets hope I can make your day again. :) enjoy the snippets.

  • Muditha

    Fantastic! Just what I was looking for.

    • I figured you needed this Muditha, 😉 enjoy the snippet glad to hear you like it.

  • Gerald Nathaniel

    Hi Kevin, Mind telling me how did you think of this snippet ? I want to learn more about how you came up with this. 

  • Matt Guy

    Thanks for the snippet. I looked for it because I would like to add a custom class to links produced by wp_get_attachment_link working in /wp-includes/media.php (I want to add a specific class name to images made by the default wp gallery for lightbox). Where should I put a link like this?

    Also, how can I make sure the class doesn’t appear in every instance of wp_get_attachment_link? Can I make it conditional?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Matt, If you are going to want to make things conditional you will be best to make your own shortcode to display images. This snippet just finds each link and adds a class,

      • Matt Guy

        Sorry, I meant to add class to the link itself, as required by a lightbox plugin i’m working on. /wp-includes/media.php uses wp_get_attachment_link to create its links, so this would be good. It wouldn’t actually need to be conditional either. Just make the gallery links have a class of thumb. Only it doesn’t seem to work when placed in the theme functions file, possibly because media.php which created the gallery links is in /wp-includes. I tried sticking your snippet in /wp-includes/functions.php and inside of media.php, which didn’t seem to work, maybe I did it wrong. What do you think? Your snippet is probably perfect, I just need to find the right slot!

  • Julian K

    life saver 😛

  • Thank you for that snippet! I am looking for a way to change the class of the function “wp_get_attachment_image” in the functions.php. Do you know how to do that?

  • Daniel

    Thank you for this snippet!

  • Calvin Williams

    Cheers to you for this snippet, it helped me solve a really annoying issue!

  • Matthew89

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Biqubic

    Wow..4 years ago and still useful.. Thanks a lot!