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  • How to Add subscript and superscript buttons to editor


    Adding this PHP snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress template will add subscript and superscript buttons to the wordpress editor.

    wordpress snippet : PHP

    function enable_more_buttons($buttons) {
      $buttons[] = 'sub';
      $buttons[] = 'sup';
      return $buttons;
    add_filter("mce_buttons_3", "enable_more_buttons");

    ( WordPress codex functions, hooks, in this snippet. )

  • Myst1010

    (text translated by the program)
    Thank you for providing this code, but no need to repeat the array code, simply separate the items in the array

    function enable_more_buttons($buttons) {
    $buttons[] = ‘sub , sup’;
    return $buttons;
    add_filter(“mce_buttons_2”, “enable_more_buttons”);

    • This is true, I just find this method easier to read. Thanks for the input though people will find this very useful.

  • Jerry DeFoe

    thanks guys.  i was working with a PhD client today who writes research
    reports and it was necessary for her to sup and sub references.  this
    was key.

    • Perfect Jerry glad to hear you got things working well.

  • Tom Schreurs

    Perfect little piece of code! Works brilliant. Thanks a lot!

  • When I add it, I get a

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_filter()

  • Just what I was looking for!

  • pistik

    thanks fot tip

  • you saved my day man

  • Ryan Hughes

    I am getting a Missing argument 1 for enable_more_buttons() error