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  • How to Add subscript and superscript buttons to editor


    Adding this PHP snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress template will add subscript and superscript buttons to the wordpress editor.

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    wordpress snippet : PHP

    function enable_more_buttons($buttons) {
      $buttons[] = 'sub';
      $buttons[] = 'sup';
      return $buttons;
    add_filter("mce_buttons_3", "enable_more_buttons");

    ( WordPress codex functions, hooks, in this snippet. )

  • Myst1010

    (text translated by the program)
    Thank you for providing this code, but no need to repeat the array code, simply separate the items in the array

    function enable_more_buttons($buttons) {
    $buttons[] = ‘sub , sup’;
    return $buttons;
    add_filter(“mce_buttons_2”, “enable_more_buttons”);

    • This is true, I just find this method easier to read. Thanks for the input though people will find this very useful.

  • Jerry DeFoe

    thanks guys.  i was working with a PhD client today who writes research
    reports and it was necessary for her to sup and sub references.  this
    was key.

    • Perfect Jerry glad to hear you got things working well.

  • Tom Schreurs

    Perfect little piece of code! Works brilliant. Thanks a lot!

  • When I add it, I get a

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_filter()

  • Just what I was looking for!

  • pistik

    thanks fot tip

  • you saved my day man

  • Ryan Hughes

    I am getting a Missing argument 1 for enable_more_buttons() error