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  • How to Change admin post/page color by status – draft, pending, published, future, private


    Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will change the background colors of the post / page within the admin based on the current status. Draft, Pending, Published, Future, Private.

    ( example screenshot ) ( click code to copy )

    wordpress snippet : PHP

    function posts_status_color(){
    .status-draft{background: #FCE3F2 !important;}
    .status-pending{background: #87C5D6 !important;}
    .status-publish{/* no background keep wp alternating colors */}
    .status-future{background: #C6EBF5 !important;}

    ( WordPress codex functions, hooks, in this snippet. )

    admin_footer, add_action, wp,
  • Thanks! that will be helpful!

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  • Andy

    Is there a way to change color (the same effect as above) but based on the template of the page instead of the status?

    • hhhmmm, I’m sure something like that could be done. Can you give me a little insight into the reasons. This way I can make a post about it with code,

  • ksaffy

    Is there a way to change row colour based on the category the post is in?

  • Rami

    nice one!

  • Steflp ?

    thanks you very much ! very nice and it s free …

    • Always free :) enjoy the snippet.

      • Steflp ?

        I said “free” because some pugin is not free and do the same ! (link removed)

        • This is very true, my goal however is to help people working with wordpress.

  • Aaron

    Great snippet!

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  • This code snippet is obviously no longer working with new WP 4.2.2
    I have tested it at my WP and at a fresh, blank WP installation with exactly your code mentioned above. But only each second line is colored. See screenshot here: http://screencloud.net/v/CaLW
    Any idea is appreciated, thanks.

    • Hi Viania, after your comment I did a test on a fresh install of WordPress 4.2.2 and I don’t get the problem you have. I had first assumed that it might be the post-formats and enabled them but to no avail everything was still working.


      Here is a screenshot, now with that said this is a simple snippet only adding CSS to the admin to change the background color based on a post status class. Can you inspect the table to see if something else may be overriding the snippet ?

      • thank you for getting back to me, have you tested it with for example 4 (!) draft posts one after the other?

        You’re right, it is overwritten by this style:

        But I don’t know, where it is coming from – all plugins are disabled:
        and I changed the theme to TwentyFifteen.
        I don’t know, what styles these are, seems that these are wp-admin styles: http://screencloud.net/v/8NvQ
        I’m using WP 4.2.2 as multisite!

        • you don’t happen to have any mu-plugins, or something within the functions.php do you?

          • I have the for MU necessary sunrise.php plugin installed and the
            WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. In theme’s function is nothing from me (switched to TwentyFifteen, but same results).

          • strange, well if you can find the location of the css, it should help to resolve the issue.

          • I’m not familiar with WP own admin styles like you