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  • How to Change set featured image text within admin


    Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will change the “Set featured image” text to “Set default image” or what you would like.

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    wordpress snippet : PHP

    function custom_admin_post_thumbnail_html( $content ) {
        return $content = str_replace( __( 'Set featured image' ), __( 'Set default image' ), $content);
    add_filter( 'admin_post_thumbnail_html', 'custom_admin_post_thumbnail_html' );

    ( WordPress codex functions, hooks, in this snippet. )

    add_filter, __,
  • Anonymous

    Great site

  • Thank you very much! I find WordPress lacks in a nice overview of where you can find everything. This site’s a great example!

    • Hi Davey, Glad I could help and enjoy the rest of the site.

  • Almost exactly what I want. Great site! Your solution works until a featured image is set. Then it gets replaced with “Remove featured image”. I’m sure you could replace that text too, but I want the metabox’s heading to be “Featured Image (315w x 190h)” instead of “Featured Image”. Thanks.

    • Hi Cliff sorry about the delay did not see your comment, anyway you could do something like this.

      add_filter(  ‘gettext’,  ‘change_featuredimage_txt’  );
      add_filter(  ‘ngettext’,  ‘change_featuredimage_txt’  );
      function change_featuredimage_txt( $translated ) {
           $translated = str_ireplace(  ‘Featured Image’,  ‘Slideshow Image’,  $translated );
           return $translated;

      • Turns out you only need the 2nd one:
        // 1function custom_admin_post_thumbnail_html( $content ) {    return $content = str_replace( __( ‘Set featured image’ ), __( ‘Set featured image (315w x 190h)’ ), $content);}add_filter( ‘admin_post_thumbnail_html’, ‘custom_admin_post_thumbnail_html’ );
        // 2add_filter(  ‘gettext’,  ‘change_featuredimage_txt’  );add_filter(  ‘ngettext’,  ‘change_featuredimage_txt’  );function change_featuredimage_txt( $translated ) {     $translated = str_ireplace(  ‘Featured Image’,  ‘Featured image (315w x 190h)’,  $translated );     return $translated;}
        By having both of those codes in functions.php, the header says “Featured image (315w x 190h)” (which is what I want), but then the link to set the image reads “Set Featured image (315w x 190h) (315w x 190h)”. So I took out the 1st code and just have the 2nd and it works just like I wanted.
        The header reads the same as before, but the link text reads “Set Featured image (315w x 190h)”.
        Thanks! :)

      • Matt

         Fantastic little bit of code that one!! Everything I needed and nothing more. Thanks for posting it.

      • adeel

        Thanks for posting very helpful

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  • Fahadadeel

    Nice site. I’ve a little problem. When i click on the Set Featured Image it shows the media library and here there are three options saying “Insert into Post” , “set as featured imaged” and “Cancel” which is very confusing I dont want “Insert into Post” appear here. Any ideas, how i can remove insert into post also i dont want Alignment row. 

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  • Krishnan

    great site

  • Gideon Kimani

    Hey, any idea on how you could limit this to particular custom post types such as “Events” and “Locations” while leaving the default text for standard wordpress pages and posts?

    • Yerlix

      if ($_GET[‘post_type’] == ‘Events’ || $_GET[‘post_type’] == ‘Locations’) {

      #your code….


  • How could I change the “Featured Image” title of the metabox?

  • Pramod Kharade

    How to added meta labels to featured images in wordpress using custom type