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  • David

    Hi, thanks for this, It’s been a big help. I was just wondering, what is the purpose of the $results variable, when it doesn’t seem to be used?

    It’s been confusing me for a while.


    • Hi David it’s not required, as you may already know. Ill make and update to remove this it was a mistake.

  • Sean

    Tried this method on WP3.2, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any idea?

    • Sean

      Somehow it takes time to go in effect, not sure why, but it works. Thank you.

      • I Juts tested it out and had no issues could have been cache, but should work fine.

  • @wpsnipp:disqus Hey, still loving your site! This snippet still work and this was the first place I came to find this handy snippet! ~Thanks

    • Glad to hear it, still lots more snippets :)

  • Admin Color Schemes ~ they should be switchable NOT by user but by site. Think how much swearing and shouting that would save!

    Seriously though, what donut thought that making it switchable by user profile was a good idea? I guess there’s some things about WordPress and WP developers I will never understand.

    By the way, if you ever come across a code snippet that I can add to my functions.php and give me a choice of selecting admin color scheme by site, rather than user, I will be forever in your debt.

      • Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for the comeback. But I don’t want to stop a color being selected, I want to make it specific to a site, so that I can have one site in one color set and another in something different, rather than it is at the moment, linked to the user profile.

        • Hi Terence,
          If you want to define things by site but not let users change their own color settings. Use the above snippet to define the theme to use and one of the others I provided to remove the controls for users. This should work great,

          • Thanks, I can see how that would work. I’ll go try it.

          • Hi Terence,
            Does this mean that you will forever be in my debt? At some point in the future I will ask you for a favor. 😉 just kidding! glad I could help, enjoy the snippets!

          • Absolutely. Whatever you want. You just have to name it.

      • Never did get to the bottom of this.

        My goal is to be able to switch the color scheme for the super-admin dependent upon which blog he visits in a multisite setup.

        In other words, if he is the dashboard on the primary blog (#1), its “flat”, and if in blog #2 its “blue”.

        And what would be ideal is if that the color scheme went to “red” in any option in the Network Admin dashboard was selected.

        To me that’s clean, clear and logical. Unlike the single color scheme, at the moment, which follows the admin around the site.

        Do you see what I mean?