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Get facebook fan count using get_transient and wp_remote_get

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I posted a snippet some time ago to get the number of facebook fans this is an updated version using get_transient. Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will let you cache and display your Facebook fan count using wp_remote_get. Add the second snippet into your wordpress theme in the location you wish to display the count.

snippet :  PHPcopy
function get_fan_count(){
         $fb_id = '106900272716297';
         $count = get_transient('fan_count');
    if ($count !== false) return $count;
         $count = 0;
         $data = wp_remote_get('http://api.facebook.com/restserver.php?method=facebook.fql.query&query=SELECT%20fan_count%20FROM%20page%20WHERE%20page_id='.$fb_id.'');
   if (is_wp_error($data)) {
         return 'whoa error!!!';
         $count = strip_tags($data[body]);
set_transient('fan_count', $count, 60*60*24); // 24 hour cache
return $count;
snippet :  PHPcopy
<? echo get_fan_count(); ?>

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