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  • Anonymous

    It’s still there. I’m also using the plugin Theme My Login. Any suggestions?

    • Give this other method a try see if that works for you,
      The other option if not these would be to use css or jquery to hide it.

      • Anonymous

        I noticed that Theme My Login was using it’s own template, maybe that was making problems. I completely removed Profile Options from the profile editing template, so it’s not a problem anymore.

      • Sounds great glad to hear you got things working. If you wanted post details on what method you used for the ‘my login’ plugin others may have a use for it as well.

      • James Carroll

        @edinchez:disqus, Thank you for your post; I would like to remove the color scheme options and I’m using Theme My Login; however, I didn’t understand what you did to resolve the issue.  Will you please describe it in more detail?

        Thank you,

      • Anonymous

        delete this, check above for the solution.

      • Anonymous

        First of all make a backup of:


        Then open it and delete the code from line 25 to line 62. This is to remove the whole Personal Options section. If you only want to remove the color scheme options section, delete the code from line 34 to line 40.

  • How can I add my own, new color schemes?

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  • Banjo Stumbling

    Dude, thank you very much, I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to get rid of this schnizz!

  • TastyPlacement

    Awesome…this worked so well it was a “10 second fix”

  • Websiteguy

    Works on WordPress 3.8.1 also! Great code!

    • kachan64

      Thanks for confirming this! I knew would work, but yeah…

  • chinaman

    Doesn’t completely do it. If the user goes back into their profile page and updates any option, it will automatically revert back to the “classic” colour scheme