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Display all subscribers in an unordered list

wordpress snippet

Adding this snippet to your wordpress theme will display all subscribers in an unordered list

snippet :  PHPcopy
    $blogusers = get_users('blog_id=1&orderby=nicename&role=subscriber');
    foreach ($blogusers as $user) {
        echo '<li>' . $user->display_name . '</li>';

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  • jeffikus

    That’s not a very scalable solution unfortunately. You need to add pagination into it as well as the ‘number’ and ‘offset’ parameters to handle it. From my testing, the get_users() function does not handle well when you have more than approx 1000 results in the query.

    • http://wpsnipp.com Kevin Chard

      I have not tested this snippet with over 1000 subscribers myself so I have to trust you on this one. Without pagination this would be a solution for smaller websites, if you have another solution please feel free to contribute I would be happy to post the solution.